The Secret Source - Beatrice Tonnesen and the Calendar Art of The Golden Age of Illustration

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Hawthorne Blvd. President VErmont F. Business Manager. Anderson President. Abernathy Secretary-Treasurer. Klement Educational. Skinner Missionary Volunteer. Tucker Publishing Department. Spring Vacation Canceled Home Miss. Joyce Plans for the usual college spring vacation scheduled for March them. Please send me the book-forwere canceled by a recent faculty the month. This is a pretty country and the French people are friendly and couteous.

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We have been holding church services out in an open-air theater. I read my Bible every day and kneel down to say my prayers every night.

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Please pray that I may continue to trust in God. I am somewhere on the battlefield in Italy.

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Please pray that I may return home safely. I am praying that God may enable you to carry a message of hope to millions. We hope that others will join our group in time and pray that in some way the Lord will further the Gospel through the medium of radio.

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May God bless this wonderful endeavor "There are men who will spend and be spent to win souls to Christ. In obedience to the great commission. Under the ministration of angels, common men will be moved by the Spirit of God to warn people in the hyways and byways. They are to be strengthened and encouraged, and as Last as, possible prepared for labor, that success MaY. This was done to cooperate with the wishes of the Office of Defense Transportation which has requested that all school vacations be canceled in order to reduce unnecessary civilian travel.

Those planning to enter school the spring quarter should bear in mind that classes begin at a. Often the latter two are blended. Each dormitory student is required to put in at least eight hours of work per week because the various industries of the college cannot otherwise continue to operate. Many students work more than this specified minimum. The college owns and operates several industries which are manned mostly by student help. At the college store Mr.

Beane has a crew of twenty or more workers. Only two of these are full-time employees not attending school. Beane takes time with the clerks to study methods of salesmanship and public courtesy. Frank Gibbon at the bakery teaches a baking class and at the same time supplies the college and village with bread and pastries. An average of ten students work in this department. The workers at the powerhouse, superintended by Mr. William Merkel, are responsible for keeping the buildings on the campus properly heated and for doing the electrical work.

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Three, times a day college students eat meals prepared by student help in the kitchen. From six o'clock in the morning until nine-thirty at night, when the cleanup boy completes his work, the kitchen is a place of activity.

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While Mrs. Melvin Zolber, the matron, is on leave, Evelyn Stratton is in charge of ninety-five students who prepare and serve the food.

The print shop offers opportunity for students to learn a trade as well as earn a good portion of their expenses. This department, under the supervision of Mr. Collins, not only takes care of the local printing but also has completed several large jobs for the governient and the du Pont interests. In the bindery, students learn while earning. After one has worked in this place for a year or two, he is able to completely repair and rebind a book that has been mutilated and torn.

Cushman is in charge of the bindery. Elmer Whitehouse, with her laundry crew of thirty-five people, meets the needs of the students for clean clothes and does commercial laundry for residents of the village and city of Walla Walla. A group of students in the grounds crew keeps the lawn clean and has the pleasure of working out of doors. Becker, farm manager, keeps twenty-one people busy taking care of the farm and the dairy herd which supplies milk and milk products for the school and vicinity. Recently a new acre farm has been purchased two and a half miles from the college, which offers more work for our farm boys.

At the college garage Mr.

Much more than documents.

Darrell Cowin teaches his helpers how to overhaul and service cars and trucks. Cowin has recently moved here from Lincoln, Nebr. Our construction superintendent, Mr. Emmerson, gives valuable instruction in carpentry, painting, mechanical drawing, and other lines as well as supervising the construction and repair work on the campus.

The library, recently completed, has been built largely by student help.

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The janitor work is done by students as also is the secretarial work for the teachers and in the business and registrar's offices. These are the various departments in connection with the college where students learn how to work as well as study. A good many students are working half of their way or more. It is almost impossible to work one's entire way during the school year alone.


The museum is not only home to exciting exhibitions, but also to a studio and a reading room. There are many hiking and cycling trails nearby, and kayaks and canoes can be hired. In some cases, the most suitable place for the sauna is in the back garden, on a patio or next to a swimming pool. With Christ dwelling in our hearts by faith, living in us the law of God, imputing to us His own righteousness,, faith, and power, we shall be protected. Except, of course, they were not always just any couple.

However, those who also work here during the summer months are usually able to earn their expenses for the entire year. Due to the manpower shortage, our girls have been doing work which formerly has been done by boys. Also the bakery truck is sometimes taken on its round by one of the girls working in the bake shop.

In the manual training shop the picture framing is done by girls. During the summer Mr. Emmerson had a paint crew composed of boys and girls.

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Several of our girls have learned this valuable trade by painting buildings on the campus. At the opening of the school year each student is assigned a work department. Peterson assigns the boys and Mrs. Aplington helps the girls. As far as possible, each student is given a choice of where he prefers to work. When you visit the college, see the work departments. Here you will find some who work only eight hours a week and others who are earning their entire way, but you will find all of us working.

In our conference, as much of our literature was sold as was sold during the eight years Pacific Press now prints 94, Health each month and , Signs.