The Best Novels of Wilkie Collins: The Woman in White and 5 Others

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The intricacies of the plot…defy easy summary, each convolution and partial revelation driving the reader on to the next scene, and the next, disclosing the secret like a series of Russian dolls.

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It also pioneered the use of multiple narrators and their limited and sometimes conflicting points of view to generate suspense. The story of the book is told throughout by the characters…They are all placed in different positions along the chain of events; and they all take the chain up in turn, and carry it on to the end.

What gives The Woman in White its distinctly Victorian feel is the extraordinary range of secondary characters that Collins employs. Vesey sat through life.

He snacks on bonbons, fondles his pet canaries and white mice, and allows them to run all over his enormous body. If he had married a tigress, instead of a woman, he would have tamed the tigress. If he had married me , I should have made his cigarettes as his wife does—I should have held my tongue when he looked at me, as she holds hers. It attracted so much interest and enthusiasm upon its release that it spawned theatrical adaptions, and shopkeepers sold bonnets, capes and sheet-music based on the novel.

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Wilkie Collins - The Woman in White

She is co-editor of the Women Film Pioneers Project. Marian, at Laura's request, resides at Blackwater and learns that Glyde is in financial difficulties. Anne, who is now terminally ill, travels to Blackwater Park and contacts Laura, saying that she holds a secret that will ruin Glyde's life. Before she can disclose the secret, Glyde discovers their communication, and believing Laura knows his secret, becomes extremely paranoid and attempts to keep her held at Blackwater.

With the problem of Laura's refusal to give away her fortune and Anne's knowledge of his secret, Fosco conspires to use the resemblance between Laura and Anne to exchange their two identities.

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The Woman in White is Wilkie Collins's fifth published novel, written in It is considered to be among the first mystery novels and is widely regarded as one of the first (and finest) For other uses, see The Woman in White (disambiguation). 3 Themes and influences; 4 Publication; 5 Critical reception; 6 Adaptations. 2 The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 5 Heart and Science by Wilkie Collins. Jason Hall. Dr Jason Hall Oh my gosh, it's worth reading the other books!.

The two will trick both individuals into travelling with them to London; Laura will be placed in an asylum under the identity of Anne, and Anne will be buried under the identity of Laura upon her imminent death. Marian overhears part of this plan but becomes soaked by rain and contracts typhus. While Marian is ill, Laura is tricked into travelling to London, and the plan is accomplished.

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Anne Catherick succumbs to her illness and is buried as Laura, while Laura is drugged and conveyed to the asylum as Anne. When Marian visits the asylum, hoping to learn something from Anne, she finds Laura, who is dismissed as a deluded Anne when she claims to be Laura. Marian bribes the nurse, and Laura escapes.

Wilkie Collins Biography. Moonstone and The Woman in White.

Meanwhile, Walter has returned from Honduras, and the three live incognito in London, making plans to restore Laura's identity. During his research, Walter discovers Glyde's secret: he was illegitimate, and therefore not entitled to inherit his title or property. In the belief that Walter has discovered or will discover his secret, Glyde attempts to incinerate the incriminating documents; but perishes in the flames.

She had only known that there was a secret around Glyde and had repeated words her mother had said in anger to threaten Glyde. The truth was that Glyde's mother was already married to an Irish man, who had left her, and was not free to remarry. While he had no problem claiming the estate, Glyde needed his parents' marriage certificate to borrow money.

Wilkie Collins’s shadow selves.

He therefore went to a church in the village where his parents had lived together and where the vicar Church of England priest , who had served there, had died long ago, and added a fake marriage to the church register. Catherick helped him obtain access to the register and was rewarded with a gold watch and an annual payment.

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Condition: Good Plus. What to do? Walter is an ass. And while Henry James disliked the "ponderosity" of The Woman in White calling it "a kind of 19th-century version of Clarissa Harlowe" , he acknowledged that the book had "introduced into fiction those most mysterious of mysteries, the mysteries which are at our own doors". One of the two women is Marian, who is whip smart and ferociously loyal. Gaston Leroux.

With the death of Glyde in a fire while attempting to destroy a duplicate of the register, the trio is safe from persecution, but they still have no way of proving Laura's true identity. Walter suspects that Anne died before Laura's trip to London, and proof of this would prove their story, but only Fosco holds knowledge of the dates. Walter works out from a letter he received from Mrs. Catherick's former employer that Anne was the illegitimate child of Laura's father.

On a visit to the Opera with Pesca, he learns that Fosco has betrayed an Italian nationalist society, of which Pesca is a high-ranking member.

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When Fosco prepares to flee the country, Walter forces a written confession from him in exchange for safe-passage from England. Laura's identity is legally restored, and the inscription on her gravestone replaced by that of Anne Catherick.

Fosco escapes, only to be killed by another agent of the society. To ensure the legitimacy of his efforts on her part, Walter and Laura have married earlier; on the death of Frederick Fairlie, their son inherits Limmeridge. The theme of the story is the unequal position of married women in law at the time. It was published in book form in The novel was extremely successful commercially, but contemporary critics were generally hostile.

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