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There are many symbolic meanings related to snakes. This animal is a symbol of important changes that are happening in our lives and it is also a symbol of healing. Since ancient times it has been believed that a snake is a symbol of primal energy and spirituality. A snake can be a very powerful guide and it can indicate important changes that are going to happen in your life.

2. Where are you likely to encounter a snake?

A snake spirit animal will help you go through all the changes that are in front of you. It will certainly help you choose the right track in your life as well. There are also many other symbolic meanings related to snakes, such as intellect, longevity, protection, fertility, eternity, etc.

Now when you know what a snake may symbolize in general, we will tell you something more about a snake spirit animal. We have already mentioned that a snake spirit animal is a symbol of primal instincts, so if this animal appears in your life, it means that you should use your energy carefully. Now we will tell you some of the most important traits of people who have a snake as their spirit animal. Also, these people are able to balance things in their lives.

People with a snake totem are always looking for success and wealth and they know how to use each opportunity that appears in front of them. It is also interesting to say that a great number of people whose animal totem is snake have a gift to heal other people. There is no doubt that these people are charming as well.

They have great communication skills and they are very social. They know exactly how to hold the attention of other people. Also, people whose animal totem is a snake are very flexible and self-confident, which may be very attractive for others. We hope that now you can understand better the symbolism of a snake and the powers of this spirit animal. Now it is time to see what it means when a snake crosses your path. If you have ever seen that a snake has crossed your path, you may have ignored it or you were afraid, but now you will have the opportunity to discover what it may symbolize and why you should pay more attention to that.

The Copper Serpent

If a snake has crossed your path, you should not ignore it because it can be an important message for you. As human beings we need more than forgiveness. We need to be changed and reborn. We need to be set free from all of those things that keep us in bondage. Being born of the Spirit is not just a one time experience.

Being reborn by the Spirit is really a continuous process.

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Spiritual rebirth happens over and over again throughout our life. Just as God did not remove the snakes from the Israelites in the OT — God does not remove the scourge of death from earth. Death remains in the world and every one of us will die. Now, Jesus did not say that a person would have life eternal just by looking at the cross or touching the cross or by wearing a cross. The cross has no power in itself. There have been times in church history when the cross became a relic that was supposed to have power.

These small slivers of wood were revered because they were thought to confer saving power on the person who owned them. Those kinds of practices are similiar to the kind of idolatrous worship the Israelites made of the bronze snake. We have so commercialized the cross that it has become like a magic wand to save us.

Holy Snakes! A Marian feast day's strange, stunning miracle

Now, there is nothing wrong with wearing a cross around your neck or having crosses in your home. It is a reminder that we cannot save ourselves. By looking toward the cross we see beyond it to the God who liberates and redeems us. The cross is a constant reminder of the deadly results of our sin — but it also points us to God whose desire is to heal the whole world. The crucified Christ is lifted up high, so we can see the passionate love of God for us and the whole world. It is the story of a condemned inmate who is wrongly accused, but he has healing powers. In one scene, the inmate opens his mouth inches away from a woman dying of cancer.

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She opens her mouth and a swarm of demonic-like flies flow out of her mouth into his. He ingests them and his own body becomes weakened for a bit. But then he opens his mouth again and expels the flies into the air, along with their evil and poison.

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Now, this image from the movie helps me understand better what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. Jesus absorbed all our poison, evil, violence, hatred, and death into himself. The personal cost to Jesus was so great that he died. But death did not win and in his resurrection he expels all the poison. The good news this morning is that when we put our trust in Jesus — when we open ourselves to the Spirit — God will make us whole again and give us life for all eternity. God does not leave us alone. God provides a way for us, through Jesus, to have new life now and for eternity.

All of us, from time to time, can get side tracked or lose our way on this journey of life just like the children of Israel did in the wilderness. That God wants to live in us and redeem us and change our world. This morning — we still live in a world where death is everywhere and threatens all that we hold dear.

Yet God has given us the cross to look at to assure us that life is available to us through Jesus. The folly of the cross turns out to be the wisdom of God. As a response this morning we want to share in communion together. Nothing in this world was made without Him. The book of Enoch even talks about the Son of Man. The threat that we faced and are currently facing is with fallen angels.

My pleasure! Thanks so much for the kind words and your thoughtful comment on my article Jimmy. To be honest, I believe that Augustus Caesar is the true Roman Jesus and the bible teachings that he gave and events such as his crucifixion are allegorical. Many of these people who started these religions descend from the same ancient priesthoods which derive from the same tree. In regards to my blog, it takes a lot of research and writing, but it is something I do for my higher self. A calling that I must fulfill.

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In a sense, I had been asked to recover this history for my ancestors. Man Moe…amazing reporting. Once again you leave much to titillate and stimulate the reader. Like you I have come to realize that there is an amalgamation to all of history. To the victor goes the history…and most is a pack of lies!

Propaganda has always been a great weapon in war. I know you feel that the Jesus was real and I think you also believe there to be an element of fictional caricaturization. An allegoric Jesus.

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Serpent Cross. An Annodated Cross is either a cross with arms bent in the shape of an "S" (see this Curved Cross) or more likely, a cross adorned with. Snakes have been put on pedestals of divine glory, they have been awed . If you feel anxious and worried and a snake crosses your path.

If stories are true…what does it matter?