Rhyming Words: Animal and Bird, Beach and Transport quizzes to enjoy (a childrens picture book)

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Kindergarten—3rd Grade. Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett, illus. Kindergarten—2nd Grade. Brave Bomberos by Susan Middleton Elya, illus. Context clues make it easy to guess the meaning of most of the Spanish words, though a glossary is provided at the end of the book. Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems When Goldilocks wonders into the home of three dinosaurs, will she be able to escape? Or will the dinosaurs have a tasty treat awaiting them when they return home?

This clever fairy tale with a twist will amuse adults and children alike. Pre-K—3rd Grade. Good News, Bad News by Jeff Mack While on a picnic, Bunny and Mouse see everything that happens to them from opposite points of view: Bunny sees only the good, while Mouse sees only the bad. The repetitive, rapid-fire call-and-response text makes it a great read aloud, but this also works well for independent readers. The art is rich with nuance and humor, providing a clear and detailed story despite the lack of words.

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Book three in the Boy, Bear series. A Home for Bird by Phillip C. A lovely book about kindness and perseverance. We dare you not to laugh! This picture book has the feel of a classic, with its timeless illustrations, and provides ample discussion material on themes of bravery, aggression, and friendship. Brian Karas It may be winter, but Pauline is determined to set up a lemonade stand and her brother John-John is happy to help.

As Pauline teaches her little brother to count change, she also provides a lesson to the reader. Kindergarten—4th Grade.

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Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta, illus. Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole by Stan and Jan Berenstain When a little penguin receives a blank book in the mail he is eager to fill it up with exciting things, but while he is seeking adventure he misses the action right before his eyes. Oh, No! The woodblock artwork is wonderfully expressive, and lots of repetition and silly sounds make it natural read aloud material.

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Oh No! Not Again! The overly ambitious little girl from Oh No! She got a wrong answer on her history quiz! The only thing to do now is to build a time machine and travel back in time to make her wrong answer right! This is a hilarious adventure, from the construction of the time machine among the parts: an original Nintendo game controller , to the search for the correct time period, to the unforeseen consequences of the journey.

Show More. Show Less. Older posts. Any Questions? This is a fun, interactive read featuring a story within a story and humorous interjections. Illustrations—including diverse children asking questions through speech bubbles and childlike drawings of the inner story developed throughout the book—wonderfully highlight the writing process and encourage children to ask their own questions.

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The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall This delightful picture book provides a wonderful way to explain to young children where babies come from while acknowledging the many conflicting stories they may have already heard or may hear later. Sweetly gentle yet practical and modern, the text and illustrations combine to make a potentially confusing explanation both age-appropriate and accurate.

An addendum at the end provides suggestions for dealing with common follow-up questions or to address special circumstances such as adoption. The story is told through a series of graphic-novel style panels, but the bold splashes of color amidst a mostly gray background and a wonderful sense of movement provide an energy that belies the need for words.

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Rhyming Words: Animal and Bird, Beach and Transport quizzes to enjoy (a children's picture book) eBook: Fran West: mabfegodext.tk: Kindle Store. Actual rhyming words animal and bird beach and transport quizzes to enjoy a childrens picture book pdf ebooks. Find rhyming words animal and bird beach and.

Zelinsky Moose—who first appeared in the delightfully silly alphabet book Z Is for Moose —is now taking on shapes! More silly humor abounds in this fun follow-up, plus kids get to learn a bit about shapes, friendship, and compromise. The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee In this sweetly touching wordless tale, a grumpy, lonely farmer befriends a child clown who is accidentally left behind by a passing circus. Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio, illus. But on a trip to the park, he discovers another family of pups that looks much more like him and another puppy who looks a lot like his sisters.

The mothers, too, notice the resemblances and both canine families must decide what makes a family.

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Energetic text and earth-tone paintings with a contemporary feel create a subtle, heartwarming, and funny story full of life, heart, and humor. I particularly love the spread where Hannah squats down by her cat, Shiro, after pouring him a dish of milk and pilfering cherries from the fridge for a midnight snack of her own. Hunters of the Great Forest by Dennis Nolan In yet another fabulous wordless picture book, seven tiny, funny gnomes leave their village on an expedition. Along the way they must overcome obstacles of terrain and potential predators. The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc When a wounded bird becomes stranded in the late autumn, a gentle, solitary lion decides to nurture the young bird.

Throughout the course of the winter, the two become close friends, but separation is imminent as spring approaches. This is a sweet intimate story told with just a few carefully chosen words and softly colored illustrations.

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Thoughtful and lovely, the illustrations make ample use of white space to stunning effect. Over-sized pages and interweaving stories and characters lend an expansive feel to the spare, four-page stories while equally spare drawings provide comical additions to the playfully absurd tales. By now, fans can probably guess how the story will go, and yet the rapid-fire arguments, pleas, and excuses and the comical illustrations still feel fresh and all-too true.

Quest by Aaron Becker In this magical, wordless follow-up to Journey , two children enter the door to a mystical realm on a mission to rescue a kidnapped king. Along the way, they encounter fabulous ruins and dodge evil soldiers, armed only with colored markers, quick thinking, and the power of their imaginations.


On her way to school, however, a series of dangerous animals threaten her until she promises to learn to write their names. Jerry Pallotta. How can they lighten the load? A removable model monster truck will delight all readers. With each new act of mischief, a family member- sister, mum, grandpa- comes in to point the finger, whilst she puts on her most innocent, puppy-eyed face. Dylan and his dinosaur friend fly off on amazing dinosaur discovery missions to the Land of Living Dinosaurs. The key words are color-coded and bolded in both Spanish and English so that readers can identify and match them.

Observant children and parents will notice small differences in the before and after scenes which hint at a fantastical discovery, while Sam and Dave remain oblivious. Children will delight in the details and will likely want to provide their own advice on how Sam and Dave should continue their adventure. We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton Big, blocky shapes, deep blues and violets, and jewel-tone accents are used to illustrate this comical caper of plans gone awry.

A small band of night-time hunters are trying to net birds and other creatures but can never seem to succeed. The circular narrative will appeal to young readers and the oft-repeated catchphrase will inspire giggles at the next anticipated failure and perhaps start a new family saying. Their journey takes them across the ocean in a small sailboat, asking directions from sort of helpful strangers along the way. Both child and adult readers will hope to see many more adventures starring Dash, Charlie, and Theo.

Weasels by Elys Dolan This off-the-wall picture book imagines a place in which weasels are secretly plotting to take over the world. Of course, first they must have a nice cup of coffee they drink A LOT of coffee and solve their technical difficulties.

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This is a fun and imaginative tale with lots of visual cues to help kids learn to pick up on important details and practice creative problem solving. Plus, these weasels are pretty darn funny in a harried, mad-scientist sort of way. A Boy and a Jaguar by Alan Rabinowitz, illus, by Catia Chien A successful conservationist relates his own story as a child stutterer who found comfort, purpose, and the inspiration to speak out through his love of animals. The final scene, in which Alan as a young man encounters a jaguar in the wild, is simply breathtaking.