Long Ago and Far Away: Hollywood and the Second World War

Home Sweet Home Front Women: Adapting Women for Hollywood's World War II Home-Front Films
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Which would you choose? It is, of course, a trick question.

Real-life ‘Casablanca’ story is even more dramatic than the Hollywood classic | The Times of Israel

Although the motion picture studios jumped at the chance to add musicals to their rosters after the introduction of sound with THE JAZZ SINGER in , it was several years before they mastered the technology of filming a successful musical. The actual sound reproduction was tinny and false, and camera movement was severely limited.

None of this kept the Hollywood studios from exploiting the novelty of sound musicals, and they acquired and filmed an enormous amount of material from to It was up to a former marine drill instructor and Broadway dance director named Busby Berkeley to turn all this around. In , he conceived the dances to the quintessential backstage film musical, 42ND STREET, and his visual skill at manipulating both chorus girls and the camera finally made a string of backstage yarns for Warner Bros.

Soon, the other studios were churning out their own musical styles Paramount, elegant and sophisticated; MGM, glossy and overblown; RKO, Astaire and Rogers , and the Hollywood musical was glorying in its heyday, with a barrage of original musicals that would enrapture depression-era America. Every major songwriter from Broadway was under some kind of film contract by the early s.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review – uneven ode to a lost era

Their responses to the temptations of the West Coast were no more uniform than their personal styles of songwriting. Irving Berlin was initially distrustful of film technology and studio interference, but he was lured back to write TOP HAT for Astaire and Rogers and began a healthy relationship with various studios.

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But Hollywood never had the one thing Broadway reveled in: creative freedom. In addition to the interference of studio chiefs and tone-deaf line producers, Hollywood has its own form of self-censorship. The Production Code, better known as the Hays Code, was introduced in The first book was doomed not to become a movie due to prohibitive clip costs.

Spielberg contributes commentary as one of five contemporary A-listers matched with their Golden Age of Hollywood counterparts. All five men returned from the war physically healthy but dramatically changed. The filmmakers debated how to structure the documentary, which proved to be too unwieldy to squeeze into two hours and naturally fell into three parts.

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To have a strongly Germanic style in s America was to be in possession of gifts that were, given the historical context, the site of highly ambivalent relations. Early California settler John Bidwell included several historical figures in his recollection of people he knew in March, The original city limits are visible even today in the layout of streets that changes from a north-south pattern outside of the original land grant to a pattern that is shifted roughly 15 degrees east of the longitude in and closely around the area now known as Downtown. Curtis Bernhardt and the Gothic: Sleeping Sickness Instead of characters who run, let us turn to another form of movement that recurs in the cinema of this period. But the marketplace has spoken loud and clear.

Through many drafts from start to post-production, Harris insisted on retaining the cross-cutting narrative among the five directors and their very different approaches to covering the sprawling global conflict. Their goal: propaganda for the American war effort.

(xiv) Film and History 1929 - 1945

The director did film Harris too, but decided to stick with the five commentators and archive footage, and at the end of the process, added Meryl Streep as narrator. Every other voice was male. It was good to have the narrator be isolated.

Young Judy ~ Long Ago & Far Away

She came in to the studio in New York 45 minutes after getting the Oscar nomination. She was cheerful and delighted, rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

She did seven hours in one day. She had some good on the spot suggestions that went straight into the movie. It makes sense that Spielberg would have an affinity for the Jewish German emigre who rose to the top of the Hollywood studio pyramid as one of the great exemplars of what Spielberg does best — captivating and emotional mainstream dramas.

The director had also met Wyler. Producer Spielberg also kept his eye on the documentary big picture. One difference between the book and the movie is that Del Toro is much fonder of Capra than Harris.

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I do realize I was hard on him, but as even Guillermo said, his politics [were] complicated. There was no shortage of interview footage of Huston.