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No More Excuses
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And if you really do need some cash to get going? You can pre-sell your idea to fund its development. Websites like Kickstarter have popularized and brought audience-funded projects into the mainstream, but you can also simply add a single payment button on your website to collect pre-orders. Are people replying? Are people interested? Do people want to learn more? My favorite way to test an idea for a project is by setting up a pre-launch mailing list. Chances are, that if or more people sign up, your idea has enough merit to move forward.

Being busy is a badge of honor these days. What can you cut from your life and still be happy that will give you enough time to create? I also wake up earlier than most people so I have to time to write, even on days when I have a full schedule of client work for my web design business. An idea for a project can get stressful quickly when you start to think about the actual logistics of making it happen.

It can be daunting to the point of procrastination and often is. This saves money and time and gets your idea to market quickly, which is the ultimate test of its viability. If you want to build an online school to teach students how to design and program, why not start with a single email course? If you want to build a tool that matches writers with editors, based on genre, budget, and timeline, why not start with a pre-packaged message board or forum? If you want to open a shop that sells handmade jewelry and clothing, why not try selling a few items on Etsy first?

10 Excuses the Mind Will Tell You Before You Take the Next Step

Think about how you can scale your idea back to its essence, as a single task you can help someone complete. What would the simplest form of your idea look like? With the least amount of work? How can your idea be taken to market quickly to see what might need to be changed or keep growing based on demand? Figure out how to do that with your idea and you can move forward more quickly.

Too often, we get complacent and comfortable in our lives, jobs, and abilities, and we forget how much fun and how rewarding it is to grow and experiment. It may not revolutionize your industry. It may not make you a gazillionaire. If you want to accomplish something grand, then work hard at it and show them that they were wrong. Stop making everyone else happy and focus on yourself. I know that we were all told as kids to not be selfish and that is true but if you don't put yourself first sometimes, you may crash and burn from exhaustion.

I am not talking about going shopping for yourself.

I am talking about stepping away from your screaming kids for a few moments to get yourself calmed down and collect your thoughts. Of course make sure your kids are supervised before you hide in the closet but do what you got to do so that you don't blow up. Stop when you get angry or upset and take a deep breath. When my students are wild and are not listening to me, I want to flip out but instead, I tell my students how I feel and we stop what we are doing and do some breathing techniques.

We meditate together. It only takes three minutes but it works. I calm down instantly and so do the kids. I love telling them how I feel and I plan to fix it so that maybe they will do it as they grow up and make better decisions. Give it a try. Declutter your life.

Stop living by society's expectations and live life by your own expectations. Make up your own rules and live by them. Yeah I know I did everything out of order in my life. Stop kicking yourself if you don't reach your goal. I am very known to do this. If you have a goal to only eat fresh fruit and veggies for 30 days and you sneak a slice of pizza in on day 20, maybe make your goal more realistic like a 15 day goal.

It's all about baby steps. Also make exceptions. Years ago I made a goal to never drink soda.

Everyday Power

I reached my goal but like twice a year, we get Root beer floats for desserts. I don't kick myself in the butt over it. It's mainly ice cream anyways. For the love of Pete, stop playing the victim. Back when I was 16 and pregnant I was not on the show: , I could have played the blame game.

I could have said "Well, if my parents would have got me on birth control then I wouldn't have gotten pregnant. I made my bed and I decided to lay in it. I took my responsibility and owned it. I got a job to help take care of my daughter and worked my butt off at school.

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Everyone just needs to stop making excuses and get to business. Stop whining and get your life together. We need to stop making excuses. You are an adult and whatever happened in the past, learn from it and move forward. Have a friend you can trust that you can talk to.

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I don't mean someone that you know is a gossiper. My best friend which is also my husband is my therapist. We talk about everything and anything. I love that I can do that with him. He helps me on bad days when I need some guidance and good days when I just want to tell someone how my day went. It is so good to talk about whats important and not important things with a friend. Start saying no! This applies to everything!

Work, friends and business endeavors. You have to make sure your life isn't overflowed by other peoples tasks. It's okay to say no if you are too slam to began with. Don't go crazy for other people.

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Don't live beyond your means. We all want the newest car or the house that looks like Joanna Gaines designed it but don't do it if you can't afford it. And even if you can afford it, why not save your money for a vacation or put extra money in your retirement plan.

We were looking at brand new cars but then I had epiphany. It's nice not to have to think like that anymore. Yes, I think we have earned a new car by far with how hard we work but who came up with those rules?? I would rather save our money for a vacation. Bottom line, we are so lucky to be alive. Every morning, I have to remind myself that I am lucky to have woken up breathing in this air! No more excuses! Live a Happy Life! April 4, Alexandria Parsons. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Please leave a review so others can find this book. From the Author. If you're looking for advice on how you can be happy no matter. Get Happy Today: No More Excuses! [Evelyn Roberts Brooks] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is your definition of happiness?

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