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How to Realize Infinite Consciousness
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Other ways in which nurses may conceptualise spirituality are considered broadly similar to the meaning of Infinite Transcendent Reality, for example, as it is conceptualised within particular spiritual systems of thought and belief for which different cultures and groups have different names. Existence of Infinite Transcendent Reality is also evident in human experience; that is, awareness of this Reality may arise from experience of it as "That which is there" Blackburn , p.

Different persons may experience this Reality in different ways and on different levels. The encompassing name, Infinite Transcendent Reality, allows for its broad understanding by as many nurses as possible. For example, Infinite Transcendent Reality may be experienced as a sense of wonder or beauty. Although we are finite beings, we can have intimations of something infinite and transcendent, such as, when 'touched' by the sounds of beautiful music or the perception of beauty in nature; perhaps a flower, a flowing stream, or clouds against the sky.

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Poetry can also open for us a sense of wonder, for example, in Wordsworth's Ode Intimations to Immortality Such wonder is also sought, often longingly, in the human desire to find meaning and purpose in life. Most human persons have a desire to search for and to know Infinite Transcendent Reality in their life Spitzer While some may say that they do not experience, or seek to experience, a spiritual reality at all, from a Careful Nursing point of view they have the potential to experience this reality.

Some may reject the existence of Infinite Transcendent Reality in life processes or understand the experience of transcendence as a psycho-social phenomenon alone.

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At the same time, in Careful Nursing all nurses are considered as persons and all human persons have spiritual being however they may experience or understand it. Since ancient times, images and symbols of nursing have been consistently associated with spirituality Connell , Meehan Since the 1 st century AD nurses have cared for poor, sick, injured and vulnerable people within a spiritual context. Following the 17 th century Enlightenment and with the rise of modern science in the 19 th century, spirituality in nursing became invisible.

However, since the s much effort has been made to make spirituality visible again in nursing. You can read more about the history of the spiritual in nursing here. It is recognised that not all nurses accept the historical evidence that nursing is associated with spirituality in life processes. Or nurses may think of spirituality as a psycho-social phenomenon. In this case human characteristics commonly associated with the spiritual aspect of human life, such as, generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion can be thought of as professional values which motivate nurses' practice.

Infinite Possibilities of Experience Hindered by Emotional Dependency

However, the advantage of drawing on spirituality as the foundation for these characteristics is that it is understood to predispose human persons particularly to their expression in human relationships. An article on the range of different understandings of spirituality in nursing can be found here.

The literature on the spiritual in nursing practice focuses mainly on nurses' attention to patients' spiritual needs. In Careful Nursing patients' spiritual needs are included in assessment and addressed as necessary, particularly as patients may wish to be visited by a member of a hospital's chaplaincy department.

Accessing Your Wider State Of Infinite Consciousness.

In Careful Nursing, nurses' main spiritual focus is placed on their awareness of their own spirituality, on how it can strengthen them in themselves and enhance their practice. In relation to spirituality in practice, nurses focus on themselves as human persons in terms of the philosophical principle of the nature and inherent dignity of the human person, as discussed in the previous webpage. In Careful Nursing, spirituality relates to how we are in ourselves as human persons; on how we practice nursing as human persons. It is the contemplative aspect of our inward life of mind and spirit that relates to the spiritual in nursing practice.

Life An Experience Of Limitless Possibilities & Infinite Consciousness

Our inward life enhances the special qualities of our relationships with patients, qualities such as calmness, patience, attentiveness, generosity of spirit, kindness and compassion. While we necessarily and importantly have a high level of awareness of our outward life and focus on the bio-physical reality of body and senses, we sometimes have only a minimal level of awareness of our inward, contemplative self and the role of our inward life in our practice.

It is important that we enhance our awareness of our inward life so that we can bring awareness of both the inward and outward aspects of our life into balance in our practice. The importance of this aim will become evident when we come to the practice model. We can work towards enhancing awareness of our inward life by spending a short time each day, at least five minutes, in stillness.

In Careful Nursing, stillness is defined as a process of relaxing the outward life of the body and senses and becoming increasingly aware of the unitary, inward life of the spirit.

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Stillness is a relaxation and meditative process which is done sitting in a chair and which uses the natural flow of the breath to foster relaxation and enhance awareness of the inward life of the spirit. It can be thought of in different ways according to which way best suits individual nurses, as suggested in the following Figure:.

Practicing stillness for at least five minutes each day is a 'must do' for the practice of Careful Nursing. This practice makes it possible for us to develop the habit over time of being truly still and 'listening' to our inward life. It allows us the space to explore our inward life and develop awareness of our spiritual being. It supports our self-care. And, it strengthens our capacity to truly engage in therapeutic nurse-patient relationships.

The aim of practicing stillness each day is to develop the habit of calmness in our professional life; to develop our natural capacity to be calm. A quarter identified as transgender, an increase from less than 10 percent in Transgender and nonbinary gender identities are not new, but modern technology has enabled young people to easily learn about different identities, said A. Chasing the L. Millennial American Dream. By Jeremy Allen June 13, By Pierre-Antoine Louis June 10, The ABCs of L.

The Range and Reach of the Universal Consciousness Quandary

For something finite to create the universe would require finite materials in a finite environment. But during her sophomore year of high school, when she began thinking that she might not be straight, Ms. I repeat, this never implies that anyone can do without others, but for adults the emphasis is shifted. Yet on the unconscious level where this child exists, you are unaware that you have grown up and no longer need parental permission or a parent substitute as your source of pleasure and life. This is one of the most fundamental splits in the human personality. No spiritual belief is any more or less correct than any other. Replays of archived events to enjoy at your convenience.

By Michael Gold June 7, Which Box Do You Check? By Amy Harmon May 29, But the increasing visibility has also come with a backlash from social conservatives. Several states have passed laws prohibiting transgender students from using bathrooms that do not match their biological sex. And the Trump administration two years ago rescinded Obama-era guidelines for schools to allow such students to do so. Last month, it proposed rolling back civil rights protections for transgender people.

Such policies can have fatal consequences, warned Amit Paley, executive director of The Trevor Project, a group that provides crisis intervention services to L. The day after President Trump won the election, Mr. The group also saw a spike in calls after Mr. Trump announced on Twitter in that he was reinstating a ban on transgender people serving in the military.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual high school students are almost five times as likely to attempt suicide compared with their heterosexual peers, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Experiencing the Infinite [Dr. Nana Kwame Leroy Frazier] on mabfegodext.tk * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book was written to demonstrate how the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. The author was born in Senatobia, Mississippi. He was Experiencing the Infinite - Kindle edition by Leroy Frazier.

A study last year found that gender nonconforming youths are at even greater risk, with more than half of the transgender male teenagers who were followed for 36 months attempting suicide. In that same period, 30 percent of transgender female teenagers attempted suicide. Among nonbinary youths, more than 40 percent have tried to take their own life.

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But transgender youths who are supported experience notably lower rates of depression, researchers have found. As a young teenager in Rapid City, S. But during her sophomore year of high school, when she began thinking that she might not be straight, Ms. Erikson had no one to compare herself to in her conservative community. Erickson, who grew up in a family of cattle ranchers.

So she turned to the internet for guidance.

On Pinterest, a digital platform that lets users save images on virtual pinboards, Ms. During her junior year, Ms. Erickson came out to her family, together with her gay younger brother, and in February she attended the rodeo with her girlfriend and grandparents. Farley, Although L.