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Manson found confirmation for the Beatles being the "locusts" of Revelation in verses 7 through 9. Verse 7 refers to the locusts having "faces as were men's faces," but verse 8 says "they had hair as the hair of women"--which Manson took to be a reference to the Beatles' long hair. Also, verse 9 refers to the locusts as having "breastplates of iron. The "horses" that they rode verse 7 were dune buggies.

Paul McCartney by Philip Norman review – the Beatle finally gets his due

Finally, Manson saw the "fire and smoke and brimstone" that came out of their mouths verse 17 as being the powerful lyrics to their songs--especially those in the White Album. Manson also at times saw the Beatles as "the four angels" of verse The ,, persons comprising "the armies of the horsemen" verse 16 who would spread destruction around the earth were, in Manson's interpretation, motorcyclists. Manson interpreted verse "And it was said unto them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing"--as meaning that it was wrong to kill any living thing--except, perversely, people.

Manson would frequently upbraid family members for killing rattlesnakes or other creatures.

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Manson believed he would lead his Family to the desert, where they would wait out the coming holocaust and multipy until they numbered ,a number he got from Revelation, Chapter 7 which refers to twelve tribes of Isrreal, each numbering 12, Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.

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Music is made for create an emotional response in people. Tragedy struck when their manager, Brian Epstein died of an overdose of the barbiturate Carbitral, mixed with alcohol, in the locked bedroom of his London home on August 27, Dolan was living in the room right next to Rosalyn [Bonas], and every night he would listen to Magic Alex and Rosalyn having sex, and apparently Magic Alex smuggled alcohol into the ashram. Maureen Starkey saved the piece, which ultimately got into the hands of a Beatles collector. Interesting to read about all that went into making it.

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Beatles Book of Revelations

Check out today's post here, on Paul McCartney's 72nd birthday. And that brings us to Redwel Trabant an anagram? After all, look at the album cover for starters.

A treasure trove of coded symbolism and messages. In the first book, Trabant takes the reader on a wild ride where that famous album was essentially used to unravel a most extraordinary riddle. As mentioned, Bacon is connected to the Rosicrucians and has been said to be William Shakespeare. That there should be eleven Freemasons, three 33rd-degree Freemasons, three OTO members and two Golden Dawn members on top, of course, of the Legionnaire of the Order of Buffaloes depicted on the album cover and something of a pattern begins to emerge.

With the second installment, Beatles Book of Revelations, Trabant continues his speculation and conjecture and leaves the reader asking plenty of questions.

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Start by marking “Beatles Book of Revelations” as Want to Read: No other band collects conspiracy theories like the Beatles. And with a band as big and popular as The Beatles, is it any surprise that rumors, theories and wild conspiracies surround John Lennon, Paul McCartney. Beatles Book of Revelations - Kindle edition by Redwel Trabant. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

Why did they do this? A wicked sense of humor? A keen interest in the dark arts?

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Something else? There is the question of whether or not covert operations were involved in certain Beatle songwriting techniques, a desire to brainwash the public via Alice in Wonderland trigger words and phrases. Delving into these sorts of issues complicates things.

Nevertheless, there is something strange about the Beatles beyond the usual stuff most fans know about the band — their rise and fall. What really happened during those crazy years — and what may still be going on.